Selenium test automation template

I’ve posted a test automation template for Playwright 🎭 with Java earlier. Click here for that post. Nevertheless, Selenium cannot be forgotten either. I made a template project with stuff I’ve learned working in test automation. This knowledge is the outcome of many hours of automation tasks at work, Googling when stuck, trying to understand (or just copying) chunks of codes from StackOverflow/ GitHub then make a milkshake out of them to tailor to the need. I hope a beginner would find this helpful. In fact, I’m still a beginner too.

Getting Started

  1. Obviously, IntelliJ IDEA Community (with One Dark Pro theme). For Java, it’s the perfect choice. Period.
  2. OpenJDK 8 (or newer if you prefer)
  3. Git

Clone the template and start writing your own thing:

Top 10 Features

  1. Written in Java
  2. Executes with TestNG
  3. Built on Maven
  4. Logging in log4j2
  5. Follows “Page Object Model”
  6. Employs “Page Factory”
  7. Contains a JSON data provider with POJO file
  8. Contains a Microsoft Excel data provider
  9. Supports multiple browsers and no need to download drivers manually


I’m Madhawa Ratnayake and I test drive software.